What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is one of the most popular crypto currency wallet that one can use for storing crypto assets like ERC20 tokens. MetaMask is very popular among Ehtereum and layer 2 solutions like Polygon(MATIC), Binance Smart Chain(BSC).


It is a browser extension that one can easily install. Go to their website and following the steps, just like a normal chrome extension.

MetaMask is sufficiently secure in the way how one can safely execute any transection on a crypto network. You can easily configure MetaMask for other chains and many solutions come in a very intuitive user interface.


Still have any doubt, go to > how to configure MetaMask on polygon/ethereum based networks. Step by step easiliest tutorial on configuring metamask.


We at MaticMarket out of the box supports the MetaMask wallet.

Have any doubts? tweet/telegram us to look into it.